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What are the benefits of doing B.Tech in 2023? explained in simple words

What are the benefits of doing B.Tech in 2023? explained in simple words

Benefits of doing BTech (BTech Karne Ke Fayade) – Today, after passing 12th, a large number of students are running towards B Tech course. is a course after which one gets the title of engineer. Today India has the largest number of students pursuing B.Tech after 12th. For this reason, every student should know about the benefits of doing B.Tech before choosing their future course.

Some common questions that can come in the mind of any person that if so many people are working hard to do then what is, what job is available after doing, what are the benefits of doing are there? If you are also entangled in some such questions, then today’s article has been written for you.

We have explained about in simple words, by reading which you will be able to know why people are ready to give life for degree. Along with this, you will know what can be a benefit to a student by doing this course.

What’s in this post?

advantages of doing btech

advantages of doing btech

If you want to do, then first of all take admission in a good college, do not be in a hurry. After this you should also know that what can you benefit from doing which is listed below –

  • In doing this course, the present of mind is good and the decision making ability is better.
  • After doing, your career will grow and you will be able to get a job easily in a good company.
  • After completing the course of B Tech, from the final year, the student starts getting the best salary package in different companies.
  • After doing you can go for both tec and non tec. In simple words, doors of all kinds of jobs will open before you.
  • Apart from private sector, after doing, you can also go to government sector and can easily get a good job.
  • After doing, there is a lot of change in your personality and this whole course contributes something or the other to enhance your personality.

What is B.Tech?

As we said, B.Tech is a course through which a person gets the title of engineer and gets a better understanding of technology. To do, we have to do this course by giving 12th examination from any board. Keep in mind that after passing 10th, you have to do 12th with science and in that your subject should be physics chemistry and math.

You can get degree from any college, but the importance of doing Btech from full government college or college of IIT institution is the most. Today almost every child has a dream to study from IIT college to get degree in future. But for this you have to give IIT JEE Mains and then Advance exam.

But to give this exam, you have to get at least sixty percent marks in 12th, only then you will get a good college. Some private colleges also take the exam through their own medium, and the one who gets a good rank gets admission in a good college for degree. There is no age restriction for this course. To do this degree, the best college is selected so that you can get an engineer job after in the biggest company.

B.Tech Full Form in Hindi

Full Form of B.Tech Bachelor of Technology It happens.

B.Tech Technology studies. After doing, you understand about different types of technology and master any one technical field, on the basis of which you get a job in a big company.

What is taught in B.Tech?

If we talk about studies, there are many scopes in Btech, you can go further in the field you want to go. Some of which are important which are as follows. By doing all these courses, you can go towards engineering and become a good engineer.

  • in civil engineering
  • in Mechanical Engineering
  • in Computer Science
  • in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • in Information Technology
  • technical science engineer
  • Electrical & Electronics Engineer
  • robotic engineering
  • environmental engineering

disadvantages of doing btech

Just as there is some benefit in doing any work, it also has some disadvantages. We have to understand both of these, so some of the disadvantages of B Tech course are listed below –

  • If your admission is not done in IIT college, then the fee for doing this course is very high. If we talk about its 1 year fee, then it can be at least 100000 rupees, but this fee can change according to the college.
  • If you do not choose a good college to do this course, then you will have a lot of trouble in finding even the smallest job.
  • Today a large number of people are doing Btech, because of this, if there is no significant change in your personality and knowledge, then you will be left out with a huge crowd.
  • If we do not perform well in Btech, then we may face a lot of problems in getting a job and all our money and all our time are wasted.

What to do after BTech?

After doing B.Tech, if you want to do something else in future, want to study something else and want to make your career then –

  • You can do MTech, it is a 2 year course and after doing it you can make a career in technical field.
  • You can also do MS (master of science) after BTech. This course is done in selected universities, it is a course of 2 to 3 years.
  • Many students after doing BTech, if they want to go to mechanical filed instead of going to technical field, then you have the option of MBA. This is a two year course, you can do it too, and get a good job.

government job after btech

  • If you want to go towards government service after doing B.Tech, then there are many options for that too, through which you can get a good job after doing B.Tech and make your future.
  • After doing B.Tech, you can make a career in the banking sector, you will get different types of scopes in the banking sector, in which PO, Clerk, etc. will be the best option for you.
  • After you do BTech, there are many exams like CGL A grade B grade C grade, you can get a good job by cracking them.
  • You can also give A grade exam like UPSC after doing B.Tech and make your career.
  • After doing B.Tech, if you want to go to the State Government Job, then there are many vacancies in it, by preparing which you can contribute in that field.
  • After doing BTech, you can also move towards railways, like vacancies coming in railways NTPCYou can make your career by preparing for vacancies like LP Technician or Group D.

good colleges for btech

There are many colleges to do B.Tech, in which some colleges are very good, which are shown as follows

  • International Institute of Information Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
  • Birla Institute of Technology of Science Pilani
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology Indore
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIITM Gwalior
  • IIIT Bhopal
  • JMI Delhi


Today in this article, we have tried to explain to you in simple words what are the benefits of doing B.Tech and which jobs you can get easily by doing B.Tech. If after reading the information shared by us, you have understood btech karne ke kayade very well, then share it with your friends as well as do not forget to tell your suggestions and thoughts in the comments.

What are the benefits of doing B.Tech in 2023? explained in simple words
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