Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S A2 Unveiled

Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S A2
Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S A2

Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S A2

Hyundai Motor is the third largest car manufacturer in India. But along with being a very big car manufacturing company globally, it also produces many other great vehicles.

Hyundai Motors recently unveiled its new flying taxi globally at CES 2024, which is expected to be brought into production by 2028. In the coming time, Hyundai expects that the demand for flying taxis is going to increase due to heavy traffic jams on the roads. And Hyundai is currently working on this. All the information about Hyundai Flying Taxi is given ahead.

Flying Taxi Hyundai Supernal S A2

Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S A2 is going to be a great aerial vehicle, which is going to do vertical take-off and landing. Although this is not the first time it has been unveiled, the SA1 was also unveiled for the first time in 2020. A maximum of five people can ride at a time along with the pilot in this flying taxi, and it is going to be operated with electricity.

Supernaval is to be led by Hyundai President Jaiwon Shin, who has spent much of his time doing research with NASA. Shin said that aircraft industry projections show that there is going to be a huge expansion of eVTOL aircraft as an alternative to taxis in the future. To accomplish this, there is going to be a need for a large number of aircraft in the market, whereas at present the number of global commercial aircraft does not exceed 30,000 units.

Hyundai flying taxi Supernal S A2 Features

The design of Supernal S-A2 looks very attractive and excellent. The Supernal S-A2 is designed to be quieter than conventional helicopters and light aircraft. It is operated with electricity. It can fly at a speed of 192 kilometers per hour and at a height of 15000 feet.

It has been designed by Luc Donckerwolker, chief designer of Hyundai Motor Group, who calls it Auto Meet Aero. The Supernal S A2 is the latest innovation that is going to take the vehicle division to a higher level in the future.

Along with this, it has also been designed for short flights between 40 to 65 kilometers. The Supernal SA2 uses eight tilting rotors to maintain stability in mid-air. According to Shin, the batteries are electric-powered, but in future generations, this hydrogen engine is going to be equipped with sealed technology.

Hyundai Flying Taxi Supernal S-A2 Launch at CES

The company has not given any official information about when Supernal S-A2 is going to be launched globally. But it is expected that its production will start in 2025 and free production vehicles will be tested in 2026 and 2027.

However, there is no information yet about whether it will be launched in the Indian market or not. But it is expected that it is going to take a long time to reach India.