Packers QB Aaron Rodgers talks with Jets, is ‘open’ to playing in 2023

By Arindam Mondal

07 March 2023

Sources- Instagram

Rodgers and the Jets "had talks" on Monday, according to Trey Wingo of the Pro Football Network, and the 39-year-old QB is "open" to playing in New York in 2023.

Are negotiations underway for a deal that would transfer Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets?

With Derek Carr getting a contract with New Orleans and Geno Smith re-signing with Seattle in the 2023 offseason, the QB dominoes have started to fall.

Rodgers wishes to participate in the upcoming season, Packers granted him permission to speak with the Jets.

Without the Packers' consent, the Jets' conversation with Rodgers would constitute interference and be punished by the league.

A transfer out of Green Bay is the only option if the Packers want to move on to Jordan Love or if Aaron Rodgers is ready for a new task in professional football.

The Jets are in dire need of a seasoned quarterback and have identified four-time NFL Champion Aaron Rodgers as their top choice.

For context, Wingo stated in 2021 that if Randall Cobb joined the Packers prior to Rodgers' comeback, Rodgers would be there.