South Korea statement, Where Kim Jong Un has been since April 11…


Kim Jong Un Death

For the past few days, rumors have been circulating about North Korean President Kim Jong Un. In fact, Kim Jong Un was seen in public on April 11 and has not been seen since. In fact, he did not attend his grandfather’s birth anniversary on April 17, and it has been rumored that he has been ill ever since. 

In the atmosphere of Corona all over the world, there is a lot of noise, everyone is thinking, what happened suddenly. Later that speculation continues to grow. Earlier, sources said that Kim had undergone heart surgery, which is why he is now hospitalized. But if it is silent, the speculation continues to grow. Seeing this, Kim’s neighbor South Korea opened its mouth about this. According to South Korea, Kim Jong Un is now healthy. And he is alive. He is still in his ancestral home. The resort town is in Unsane.

The image was captured via satellite in Washington, with Kim’s train standing in his hometown of Unsan. And from there the suspicion was made. However, South Korean President Moon Jae-in and National Security Adviser Moon Chang-in spoke about Kim.

It was reported in various media that Kim was ill. That, of course, was already given by the Moon administration. But news of his death was first published on Hong Kong TV. From there it spread everywhere that Kim died. However, he is still in custody. The Seoul administration had earlier said there was no news of his death. A statement said Kim had undergone cardiovascular heart surgery. But Kim thanked the tourist workers in her city. But no Kim picture was posted for him.