Naira Ashraf Cause of death, Video, Reddit, Obituary, Family & More

Naira Ashraf Cause of death: Naira Ashraf was a student at Mansoura University, who was killed by Mohammed Adel after refusing his marriage Proposal.

Naira Ashraf Cause of death, Death

Naira Ashraf died on 23 June 2022. She died at age of 21. She was killed by Adel after rejecting his marriage proposal.

Naira Ashraf’s family said to police that Mohammed constantly harassed her because their relationship did not work out.

Thirteen Witnesses and Students of the University also admitted that Adel had killed Niara as they were in that same place.

Adel, the murderer also confessed that she rejected him and blocked him on social media.

Naira Ashraf Reddit, Obituary

Naira Ashraf was killed by Adel. The murderer confessed his crime in Police custody. Many people are come to testify against him, that he killed Naira.

Naira Ashraf  Video


Naira Ashraf  Family ( Father, Mother)

Naira Ashraf was born to her parents. Her parents’ names are not known.

Her parent’s professions are not known. She has one sister her name is not known.

Her parents reported the police complaint against the murderer a month ago for stalking and abusing her, but the police department did not take any action, which caused such a devastating incident.

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FAQ About Naira Ashraf

Q.1 What was the age of Naira Ashraf?

Ans.  Naira Ashraf was 21 years old.

Q.2 Who was Naira Ashraf’s Boyfriend?

Ans. Naira Ashraf’s Boyfriend’s name was Mohammed Adel, we are not sure about their relationship.

Q.3 Who was  Naira Ashraf?

Ans. Naira Ashraf was a 21-year-old University Student, who was killed by Adel after rejecting his marriage proposal.

Q.4 What is the name of Naira Ashraf’s Parents?

Ans. Naira Ashraf ‘s parents’ names are not known.