‘Lol surprise! Winter Fashion Show’ set for October 2022 Netflix release date

‘Lol surprise! Winter Fashion Show’ set for October 2022 Netflix release date

Image courtesy of MGA Entertainment

A new entry among the new kids content heading to Netflix in October 2022 LOL surprise! In the form of a new movie called Franchise LOL wonder! Winter fashion show.

Debuting worldwide on October 22, the new movie will sit alongside LOL Surprise: The Movie Released exclusively on Netflix in September 20211 It will launch alongside a new toy line that has started rolling out to retailers

What to expect from you LOL surprise! Winter fashion show? MGA Entertainment, the company behind the new title, provided an excerpt of what we can expect from the new movie:

LOL surprise! Winter fashion show This year’s debut for the annual winter fashion show focuses on Neonlicious’ journey as a designer. When Neonlicious enters the fast-paced world of designer royalty, she quickly realizes that getting accepted to the pageant was the easiest step and is challenged to make new friends to help her navigate the pageant and turn the tables on the winter fashion show. . Forever. The film’s commitment to themes of self-discovery, transformation and radical expression is one that parents and kids alike will appreciate.”

No voice cast details are currently available.

We’ve also got a first-look trailer for the new special:

We had to put some questions to Isaac Larian, founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment, who explained to us why they distribute their shows to Netflix, saying:

“Netflix is ​​a powerful platform that is able to reach LOL Surprise very effectively! audience with engaging storytelling.”

MGA Entertainment has long been a content partner for Netflix, with some of their biggest franchises currently streaming on Netflix with a variety of series, movies and specials.

Larian highlighted their other titles streaming on Netflix right now:

“MGA has had great success streaming our content on Netflix over the past several years. Most recently we had multiple seasons Rainbow high And LOL surprise! House of Surprises Series streaming on the platform and this time last year we premiered our first movie, LOL surprise! the film, streaming on Netflix, debuts in the top 10 on its first day. Earlier, we had the same series Project MC2 And We are jealous Streaming on Netflix.

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian

MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian – Photo by Philip Faraone/Getty Images

Larian also confirmed that they are currently in “discussions to develop new content” but could not provide any additional details.

You will be checked out LOL surprise! Winter fashion show When does it drop in October 2022? Let us know your comments.

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